Countless Iterations Ring CI_003


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Countless Iterations ring collection stands as a testament to exclusivity and individuality. Each ring in this collection is a masterpiece that is designed to be one of a kind. We adhere to the principle of offering a ring to one discerning buyer only, never to be reproduced. Just as a fingerprint is unique to an individual, so is each of our rings.

With your purchase of a Countless Iterations ring, you not only acquire a stunning piece of jewelry but also gain exclusive ownership of it. As a special addition, you will receive an object file (OBJ file) that encapsulates the intricate details of your one-of-a-kind ring. This file ensures that you truly possess a distinctive piece of artistry, customized to your taste and preferences. After purchase the product will be permanently removed from the site.

Countless Iterations bridges the realms of collectibles and jewelry, catering to both connoisseurs. Each ring is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and design, making it a coveted addition to any jewelry collection.

Explore our collection today to find the Countless Iterations ring that resonates with your unique style and essence.

All jewelry items are custom-crafted to order. We kindly request your patience, as a shipping window of one to two weeks is necessary to ensure creation and preparation of your chosen product.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

size 8 (18.2mm), size 8.5 (18.6mm), size 9 (19.0mm), size 9.5 (19.4mm), size 10 (19.9mm), size 10.5 (20.2mm), size 11 (20.6mm), size 11.5 (21.0mm), size 12 (21.4mm), size 12.5 (21.8mm), size 13 (22.2mm)


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