Privacy Policies:
This Privacy Policy governs the practice of collecting information from users when using the website http// and storing it in the databases of our company, Triform Lab. Our privacy policy covers the reasons for collecting, using, and protecting your personal information.

We retain the discretionary right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, and such amended text becomes effective immediately upon its publication on the website.

Continuing to use our website after any changes implies your acceptance of all the terms in the amended Privacy Policy. Therefore, we advise users to periodically reread the information contained in the Privacy Policy to stay informed about any changes.

Data Collection and Usage:
During your visit to our website, we may collect your personal information that is necessary for setting up your account, for the purpose of payment, or for the delivery of your goods. We use your personal information exclusively and solely to enable us to provide you with the products and services you desire to meet your requests or to customize our offerings, i.e., to personalize them, improve the website’s functionality, ensure administrative tasks, establish contact with you, enhance our advertising and promotional results, and improve our product or service offerings in the market, as well as for cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing needs without first giving you the option to opt out. However, we may disclose your data to our business units and partners who are part of this Privacy Policy. We will never misuse your personal information under any circumstances. In the following sections, we will explain the ways and reasons for possible disclosure of your information for the purposes of the normal operation of the website.

Data Storage and Retention Policy:
The company Triform Lab, as a seller of products and services on the website, makes every effort to protect your privacy as an online user. Your personal information is securely and confidentially stored and processed in accordance with this privacy policy. We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against unauthorized and unlawful access and processing of your personal data, including the encryption of your information. We will retain your information for as long as necessary to process your order, your payment, facilitate refunds, address complaints, or provide you with promotional information to which you have subscribed.

Cookie Policy:
A cookie is information stored on your computer by a website you visit. Cookies typically store your settings and preferences for the website, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you revisit the same website, your web browser sends back the cookies belonging to that site. This allows the site to recognize you and display information tailored to your needs. If you do not want our website to have access to your cookies, you can block them. Most web browsers allow you to block cookies, and you can do this through your browser’s settings.

Terms of Service:
The sale of products through our online store,, is conducted within the framework of the registered business activities of the company Triform Lab d.o.o
We strive to be as precise as possible in describing the products, displaying images, and presenting prices, but we cannot guarantee that all information is complete and error-free. The images may not be 100% identical to the products. All items displayed on the website are part of our offer, and their availability may vary over time.

Order Confirmation:
After placing an order, you will be notified of the status of your order via the email address you provided during the ordering process. The order is accepted by Ritus Jewelry only after we have sent you a confirmation email acknowledging its acceptance.

Delivery Timeframe:
The delivery period for orders is maximum 14 days from the day of shipping. Most jewelry items above 30 grams of metal material are custom-crafted to order. We kindly request your patience, as a shipping window of one to two weeks is necessary to ensure creation and preparation of your chosen to order product.

Delivery Delays:
In the event of a delivery delay, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase, and in that case, a full refund will be provided.

Payment Methods:
Payment for products on our online store can be made using one of the following methods: credit cards – VISA, Maestro, or MasterCard that support online payments. Card payments are processed in cooperation with AllSecure doo and NLB bank, and are conducted securely and with certification through the AllSecure Payment Gateway, by simply entering your card details.

Once the card information is entered and the payment is confirmed, the bank authorizes the transaction, and the order is thereby approved and enters the further process for preparation and delivery. The amount will be reserved on your card (account) and will not be available for other purposes.

The transaction will be completed, and the amount will be deducted from your account only when the products are prepared for shipping and handed over to the courier service. In case the payment is not completed, meaning the amount is not deducted from your account within 14 days from the acceptance of your order, that order will be canceled and deleted. After the 14-day period, the reserved funds on your account are released and will be available to you again. After that, you can place the same or a new order and proceed with the payment associated with it.

Please check with the bank that issued your card to ensure it supports online payments.

Payment Data Protection:
When entering your credit card details, confidential information is transmitted over a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol, with the application of cutting-edge methods for tokenizing sensitive data, and in accordance with PCI-DSS standards. At no point are the credit card details accessible to the merchant.

3D Secure protection for all merchants and customers – AllSecure Payment Gateway adheres to the highest global data protection and privacy standards. All merchants using AllSecure Payment Gateway are automatically enrolled in 3D-Secure protection, ensuring the safety of purchases for customers. Customers’ credit card numbers are not stored in the merchant’s system, and the input itself is protected by SSL data encryption.

PCI DSS Standards – AllSecure Payment Gateway continuously complies with all requirements of card organizations to enhance the level of security for both merchants and customers. Since 2005, the system has been certified as PCI-DSS Level 1 without interruption, representing the highest industry standard. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) defines the necessary security measures for processing, storing, and transmitting sensitive cardholder data. PCI standards protect sensitive user card data throughout the payment process: from the moment data is entered at the merchant’s point of sale, during communication between the merchant and relevant banks and card organizations, and later during the storage of this data.

Payment Conversion Statement:
Please note that all payments will be effected in Euro (EUR). If the payment is done using foreign issuers payment cards, total amount of transaction will be converted into bank settlement currency, according to the current exchange rate of Visa/Mastercard.

Return Process:
In the case of a refund to a customer who has previously made a payment with one of the credit cards, whether it’s a partial or full refund, and regardless of the reason for the refund, the refund is exclusively processed through the same VISA, Maestro, or MasterCard card that was used for the payment. This means that, upon our request, our bank will initiate the refund to the user’s card account.

Shopping Instructions:
You can easily order all the items displayed on our online store, . All you need to do is find the item you want and provide your details, and we will ensure that all the items you order are delivered to you within 5-10 business days.

Once you access our website, navigate to the product search. To expedite and facilitate your search, you can use filters to specify the gender, age, type, size, color, or model of the item you desire.

When you decide on an item, click on the corresponding size and add it to your cart. Once you do this, a new window will appear at the top of the screen, offering you the option to view the items in your cart and proceed directly to checkout.

If you have finished the product selection process, click on the “CHECKOUT” option to open a new field where you need to enter your details and address. After entering your address, click on “NEXT” to proceed to the next step.

The next thing to do is to review your order to ensure that you have ordered all the items you wanted or have not missed any item, made a mistake in the quantity or size. The screen will display the details of all the items you previously placed in the cart. If all the information is correct, proceed to confirm the order.

Next, select the payment method. Currently, the offered payment methods are: A) “cash on delivery” – payment in cash or by check upon receipt, and B) payment by card.

If you choose to pay by card, fields will appear where you need to enter the following information: card number, cardholder’s name, card expiration date, and the card’s CVV number (verification number on the card) – this is the three-digit number that is usually located on the back of the card, after the card number (it may be displayed as the complete 16-digit card number or just the last 4 digits). You may also be asked to enter the card type (brand).

In the next step, you will receive a purchase confirmation that you can print or simply take note of the transaction information – information about the transaction status (whether the transaction was successful or not), order ID number – the ID number for each order is unique, the amount you paid and the currency in which the transaction was made, the last 4 digits of the card used for payment and the card type or brand, the bank’s authorization code – a number unique to every successful card transaction, and the date and time of the transaction.

This step concludes the online shopping process. Afterward, you will be informed of the status of your order via email. The order is accepted by the merchant only after we send you an email confirmation of its acceptance. The items you ordered will arrive within the specified timeframe.

If you encounter any issues during the ordering process, our call center is always at your disposal at the number +(382) 069 030 022 , operating on business days from 9AM to 15PM hours, or you can contact us via email at